Jim Mathis



11035 W 96th Pl

Overland Park, KS  66214

We are able to make beautiful black and white or color prints from your slides, negatives, prints or digital files. We can make custom prints any size up to 16x20. If you need very small prints for a locket or large prints to hang on the wall, we can help.


 We correct each image for accurate color and tone. Expert retouching. We can remove or add people or objects to photos anyway you like. See the prices page, for pricing and sizes.


In the days of color film, the film manufacturers made a lot of decisions based on focus groups. They would show people a variety of photographs of different subjects and use the responses to adjust color, contrast, saturation, and other parameters of the films they sold.  They made film with different sensitivities or ISO’s and different color characteristics, but it was always a compromise because it assumed average subjects. The photographer could control the exposure and the processor or photo lab had some control over the color balance and could make small adjustments for exposure as well.


In the age of digital imaging, it is a completely different situation. Most people let the camera make all those decisions for them, so we are really letting the camera manufacturers make the decisions that film manufacturers used to make. The photographer can choose the ISO, white balance, as well as exposure before we push the button. Fortunately, unlike with film, those decisions are not permanent. All the decisions concerning color, contrast, saturation, dynamic range, and just about everything else about the image can be controlled in the computer using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.


That is where custom printing comes in. A skilled professional can make all of the necessary adjustments to make the best possible prints, books, or even online displays of the photos.